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$39,670 ------------50%


A huge thank you to these Angels who have invested in the future of our Cinema!!


Bonnye & Larry Roose

Caroline Van Kirk Bissel

Barbara Jacob

Bob Hopper

Frank & Elizabeth Petiprin

Ms. Joan A Smith

Barbara & Peter Georgescu

Drs. Lawrence & Carol Rizzolo

Harry & Gloria Glatz

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
& Tim Hollins

Pete Wietzel

Jennifer H McDowell

David Miller

Virginia Putnam

Barbara Britton

Dr. Howard & Pamela Saunders

Linda Steckley

Bill & Ellen Neches

Jim & Betsy Vance

Teresa Kammerman (Genovese)

Susan C. Luehrs

Mark E. Altschuler

Rowland Bennett

David Klahr & Pam Weiss

Richard L. Kalin

Sally W. Kalin

Enid Shames

Judith Alison Lee

Mike & Aleka Schmidt

Howard Teibel

David Jaffe

Diane, Marty & Doug Friedman

Karen & Jonathan Levy

Ronda Brands
& David Bakamjian

Alice O’Grady

Judy and Robert Doebke

Karen Blozie

Kit Klaber

Bethanne Snodgrass

Marianna Montrie

Friends of the Library Theater

Sanford & Margery Nobel

David Zinman

Sarah M. Redding


Are you a Cinema Angel?
We need you!!

The final days of 35mm film distribution are upon us.

As you may be aware virtually all major film distributors have declared that after December 2013 they will only distribute movies by DCI* standard digital media. The Cinema has been presenting 35mm film for decades and high-definition digital content for six years but this equipment will not screen most of next year’s best films. The new equipment needed to become DCI compliant and be able to screen DCI releases will require an investment of $80,000 before this Summer to keep the Cinema up and running.

The one time cost of these upgrades is more than the seasonal finances of the Cinema can bear. We need some help. In order to be able to continue providing the Chautauqua community with outstanding programming we are asking for investments (not tax deductible) in any amount and are offering several levels of incentives.

If you would like to help to ensure the continued operation of the Chautauqua Cinema as we love it now and propel it’s legacy into the future please download the details, fill out the investor form and join this fundraising effort.

Thank you for consideration and support.

Chautauqua Cinema DCI Fundraiser Details

Cinema Investor Form

*Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI) is a joint venture of Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros. Studios.



Located in the Chautauqua Institution at the corner of Hurst & Wythe.
It's easy and fun to go to the movies at Chautauqua. Here's how.


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